Gav is a brilliant photographer of people. He works intuitively to reveal a truth that we might not have fully acknowledged ourselves. I’ve particularly noticed how his lens reveals the strength and power of the women he photographs.  I find his images of women liberating, including those he has taken of me.
Senara, Film maker  
We’ve used Gav on a few different projects now, and every time his creativity and eye for something special have contributed to a level of professionalism we would not have achieved without him
Jenny Opie Bickesrstaff Accountants  
One of the best decisions we made on the St Petroc’s People Project was to invite Gavan to be the photographer. The compassion and the beauty of each image made them the talking point of the project.
Working with Gav was a total pleasure. He is a brilliant photographer and is also passionate and fun to be around.
Helen Trevaskis – Art Activist  
Gav is professional, communicative and fun to engage with. The results were much better than I could have ever imagined.
Rob Moss - Designer  
Gav was very professional. He helped put me at ease which resulted in photos that I was more than happy with. He listened to my requirements and worked with me to get the look I wanted. I would definitely recommend his services.
Corinne Detain - Artist  
So many wonderful photos, and many of them so generous and humorous in their approach to people and life.
Michael  - Photographer and artist
Gav is an excellent photographer with a very likable personality, which made me feel comfortable in the photoshoots. We did a fantastic shoot on location and followed this up with an equally good studio-based photo shoot. Both times I was made to feel at ease by Gav. The resulting photos were top quality and very natural, which is what I wanted. I would definitely work with Gav again.
Andrew Barrowman - Artist
In this age of ubiquitous screens we are constantly bombarded with images so it feels like a real treat to properly engage with Gav's photographs.
Senara – Film maker


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