Gavan Goulder

I’m Gavan, a photographer based in the best place in the world, St Ives in Cornwall. (I’ve travelled all over the world with my camera, so I know a beautiful spot when I see one).

I’ve worked as a photographer for over 30 years now, and during my time as an editorial photographer for The Guardian, The Times and The Telegraph among others, I was lucky enough to visit some astonishing places. But what really spoke to me wasn’t just the landscapes and cities, gorgeous as they are, but the people I met.

A Passion For Portrait Photography

This love of portrait photography has led me to some fascinating and humbling projects, such as the recent social documentary series of photographs, People Project Cornwall, working with Cornish homeless charity St Petroc’s to give a voice to homeless and struggling people in the county.

My concerns about climate crisis and for the environment take me down a whole other strand of portraiture, photographing people who are making a stand for our planet. Citizens of Love & Rage is a collection of portraits that captures their passion and strength.

Who doesn’t love a festival? I take portraits at the Tropical Pressure festival in Cornwall, committed to creating the greenest, most environmentally sustainable festival they can. My portraits are projected in one of the venues at night, nice and big. It’s a real thrill to see them being used in this way. 

What does my social documentary work have in common with Portraits In Cornwall? It’s about the connection that’s needed to create a portrait.

There’s no greater privilege than making a connection with another person that leads to the perfect portrait. By perfect, I don’t mean an every-hair-in-place-style cover shoot (although I can do that too), but rather one of those wonderful photographs that manages to convey the sitter’s personality.

What people say

Gav is a brilliant photographer of people. He works intuitively to reveal a truth that we might not have fully acknowledged ourselves. I’ve particularly noticed how his lens reveals the strength and power of the women he photographs.  I find his images of women liberating, including those he has taken of me

Senara, Film maker

My sustainable approach

As someone who's passionate about sustainability, I believe that we should protect our resources. I work only with companies whose ethos chimes with my own (like The Print Space), and I use sustainably sourced, recyclable and biodegradable products wherever I can.


So you are ready for a chat? Give me a call, or send a message, it would be great to hear from you. We can talk about your photography needs and I can get to know you and a feel for what you are looking for.

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