Portrait Before You Leave

Is one of your brood getting ready to fly the nest? This unique service offers a portrait photo of your teenage child just before they leave for college or uni: a perfect memento of a specific time in their lives.

If this sounds a little wistful, yes, there is an element of that. However, the overriding feeling of these photo shoots is joy. We celebrate the start of a wonderful new journey, while capturing the young person at that exciting moment of change. No other Cornish portrait photographer offers this type of session, and it’s always really rewarding.

Young people can be notoriously camera-shy (I have my own teenagers!) and I’ve found a great way of overcoming that is to take the photos in their “natural habitat”.

This could be on a beach with their board, on the tennis court, on horseback, curled up in their favourite chair with a book… It could also be a group shot of them with their best school or college friends, before they head off on their separate adventures. We’ll work together to set the scene, creating images that are most definitely their own.

This is quite the moment for you as parents and carers. And remember: one day they’ll thank you for having a portrait taken of their wonderful, youthful selves.

The Packages

Only one package for this - £125 weekdays £175 at the weekend

I had this idea because my own daughter is about to leave for university. I know that this will leave a big hole in my life, but of course I’m very proud of all that she has achieved. I wanted to reflect this in a portrait that will always remind me of her teenage years. This is how the “Before You Leave” idea came to me.

Give me a call and we can discuss what type of portrait you would like and where you would like it to be taken. How do we best capture your son or daughter’s character?

After the photoshoot, I’lll send you a link to a private gallery for you to see all the wonderful photographs. You’ll also have the option of ordering prints or creating “Wall Art” so that you can display your beautiful new portrait for everyone to enjoy.

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What people say

"Gav is an excellent photographer with a very likable personality, which made me feel comfortable in the photoshoots."

Andrew Barrowman


So you are ready for a chat? Give me a call, or send a message, it would be great to hear from you. We can talk about your photography needs and I can get to know you and a feel for what you are looking for.

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